Dancing at Home


Dance Fitness Set all your worries aside and wear your smile! High levels of fun and dancing, while keeping fit, sweating and burning it out. All these incorporated in one high energy class, accompanied by Latin rhythms.

Class Highlights: 
Dance Fitness, Fat Burn, Fitness & Endurance


Will I need any equipment? No equipment needed!


Work out your peach, tone and lift it up, with the a home-based workout that will burn that booty up! 40 minute focusing entirely on your glutes.

Class Highlights: Toning, Sculpting, Booty, Glutes

Will I need any equipment?
- An exercise mat/blanket/carpet.

This is so that you have something soft to lie on for the floor exercises

Recommended but not essential:
- Rubber or fabric resistance bands

- If you have any small weights (dumbbells/ medicine balls etc) you can use those, otherwise you can get creative and use a big water bottle or a heavy book..


You can also complete the session using only your own body-weight

Athletic Girl
Woman Doing Push Ups
Woman Doing Push Ups


A class that will test your core! Target your abs, trim down and push for the 6-pack! A class that is a must if you are working towards the flat stomach you always wanted.

Class Highlights: Toning, Sculpting, Fat Burning, Core, Strength

What will I need?: Only your matt


This class is perfect for new mums that are trying to heal and get back to their fitness routine. Get the time for taking care of yourself by giving it the weekly movement it needs, and promote mental and physical health. Healthy and happy mum, happy baby!

The class is live, so new mums be sure that you will be able to ask questions at any point. Lorena Savvidou who is instructing the class is qualified in adapting exercise for both ante and post-natal clients, making sure that all exercises are safe to perform.


Why choose Postnatal Exerxise Classes:

Heal diastasis recti

Restore pelvic floor strength

Relieve discomfort and pain

Retrieve good posture

Promote weight loss

Prepare your body to get back to your normal exercises and schedule

Promote general wellbeing


Important: Please make sure that you have completed your 6-week postnatal check (8-week if c-section) and your doctor has given you the green light to go ahead with exercise.

What will I need? : A matt, light dumbell weights (optional)

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