The Good and the Bad - It is a sweet-sweet world

The world we are living in, is definitely, a ‘sugar-coated’ one! Nevertheless, it is important to differentiate the food that contains the good sugar, from the food that contains the bad one.

Sugar naturally exists in many foods like fruits, vegetables and honey. Naturally occurring sugar, is the ‘good’ sugar. It helps by providing all the energy you need throughout the day. On the other hand, ‘bad’ sugar is usually found in processed foods. Any beverages and soft drinks as well as packaged food, not only add to the caloric intake of your day, but also do not provide you with the nutrients that whole foods with naturally occurring sugars will.

Hide and Seek - BAD SUGAR

Beware of packaged food that 'shouts', 'LOW FAT'! The front label tries to fit the idea of a healthier choice,it is the 'pretty one', the one that your eye catches. Most of the front labels on products are designed to make you focus on the big letters and make you forget about the small letters at the back, the ones that give more information on the sugar or added salt.

Committing to a diet plan, often leads to choosing ‘low-fat’ or ‘diet’ foods. Do not let a label fool you. These products are an unhealthier choice. Diet food usually undergoes a lot more processing and usually contains sugary agents added, to improve taste.

Empty Calories

Empty calories refer to the food and drinks that are calorie-rich, but do not provide any nutrients. How can I say this?

Empty! Zero! Nada!

The simplest (and most shocking for many) example that I am going to give you, is a glass of the namely ‘Fresh Orange Juice’, packaged in a carton, bought from a store. Those are empty calories right there. See, the nutritional value you can get from a freshly squeezed juice is almost non-existent when it comes to the carton-juice. High levels of empty-calorie foods do not only lead to weight gain, but also fail to provide your body with the agents to keep you healthy as well as fight diseases.

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