Bye-bye coffee!

What is your first thought when you want to sit back, concentrate and get cracking with some work? Until very recently, the answer would most probably be coffee.But see, caffeine tells our body ‘Let’s hop up and down and just not sit down!’, which is not something we always want! So how can we keep alert, but at the same time be in a calm state?

Matcha tea helps the body relax and achieve a calmer physical state (a little bit like what some chamomile would offer) and at the same time, boosts our concentration levels (like coffee does)! A calmer state is achieved because of the L-theanine that is contained in matcha. This is a powerful amino acid, which lowers blood pressure and relieves stress levels (unlike the short effect of caffeine, which increases blood pressure).

Achieve mindfulness and be attentive, but at the same time, be soothed and relaxed, with some lovely matcha drink.

Yey, matcha!

Matcha Tea VS Normal Green Tea

Antioxidants in Matcha Tea = 10 x Antioxidants in Normal Green Tea

Matcha is a lot more chlorophyll-dense than other types of green tea. Chlorophyll has the power to bind with the toxins and to remove them from the body. As well as that, it keeps cancerous cells away from the liver.

EGCg is a catechin, which is a specific class of antioxidant. Its properties also include fighting against cancer. Matcha tea is very dense when it comes to EGCg, with more than 60% of its body containing the antioxidant. Antioxidants are very important for our body, to protect us against disease.

Match tea wins!


Thermogenesis is the process that our metabolism uses to burn off calories, for energy use that the body needs. Matcha tea, increases the rate of this process by almost 25%, which means that you can burn calories a lot faster and more efficiently!

Tell me more!

Get your Samurai face on!

Matcha tea has a lot of benefits, but one that is forgotten most of the times, is endurance. Matcha will not only increase the fat-burn rate of your body, it will also make you last longer when exercising, making it the perfect pre-workout drink you can have! It used to be what Samurai warriors had, in preparation of their big and fearless battles!

So get your matcha game on, and beat your limits!

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