Yes to Guarana!

Guarana is a plant and its seeds are very famous for its many benefits. Some of these benefits include accelerated weight loss, better athletic performance, as well as better mental health!

I have taken the time to list some of its many benefits of this incredible plant!

  • Helps to improve brain function, assisting with learning

  • Improves metabolism by increasing the rate of thermogenesis (the rate by which your body burns calories)

  • Can be used to treat digestive issues by being used as a stomach tonic

  • Acts as a natural laxative due to its caffeine content, by encouraging peristalsis (a process by which muscles surrounding the colon and intestines

  • High antioxidant concentration

  • Improves heart health by helping prevention of blood clots and the building up of plaques in the arteries

  • A pain reliever

  • Healthier, glowing skin, as it aids blood flow, toning up the skin

  • Protects DNA cells from getting damaged and prevents the growth of cancer cells

  • Healthier teeth, preventing the growth of bacteria that cause decay

  • Healthier eyes; Reducing the risk of age-related eye disorders like cataract, glaucoma, by reducing risk of the cause (oxidative stress)

The bottom line is that guarana can work miracles if used as part of a balanced diet, without taking in excessive amounts (which can lead to similar side effects as excessive caffeine intake)

Have you ever tried to include guarana in your daily routine? If yes, would love to know what you thought about it! Comment below!

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