Immune Boosting Energy Balls

Craving something sweet but also want to keep it healthy? I got you!

These bites are not only going to satisfy your sweet tooth, but they are also immune boosting and anti-inflammatory.

Makes 25 energy balls

1 Energy Ball = 43 calories


· 1 cup of almonds

· 2 ½ tbsp grated fresh ginger

· 20 pitted small dates (or 10 big medjool dates)

· 1 tsp turmeric powder

· 1tsp maple syrup (you can instead use honey or nectar syrup)

· 1 tbsp water

· 1 tsp maca root powder (optional)


1. Put the almonds into a food processor and blend until your almonds are crushed to a flour-like state (You can blend for less time if you want some more bits in your bites). Transfer that into a large mixing bowl.

2. Add your dates, ginger and water into your food processor and blend until smooth. Transfer this mix to your mixing bowl and mix with the almond flour.

3. Microwave the maple syrup in a microwavable cup for 30 seconds, so it become runnier and then add that into your mix along with the turmeric and maca powder. Mix well.

4. Scoop a full teaspoon from the mix and roll the mix into small bites in your palms. Transfer your ball bite on a tray. Repeat with the rest of your mix. You should produce about 25 small bites. Transfer these into the fridge, where you can store them for up to a week.